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History repeats itself…

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Brazilian Blowout

Question: Have any of you ever gotten this done to your hair before? I’m getting it done tomorrow and I’m nervous! Mostly because I love reading the horrible stories of every possiblity that could go wrong. WILL MY HAIR FALL OUT?!

If any of you have ever had it done what are your thoughts? You like it? Any issues?


brazilian blowout hair help


Funny story, So I work in a childcare center at a gym. This little girl, Elanie, whose one is Korean and each time they come Elaine sticks to me like glue (probably because im the only one who agrees to hold her cuz she loves to be held) Anyways the mom was telling how they’ll be gone for the summer out of state and I asked where they’re going and she said Korea.

I then told her how my sister and I are headed to Korea this Wednesday and she told me how her flight is this Sunday. Haha. We then joked about my terrible Korean and she told me a bit about the area I’ll be staying at in Korea. They’ll be in the south in a city thats about an hour away from Busan while ill be in the north. Maybe just maybe we’ll run into each other if I travel to Busan. That would be fun :] Her daugther is just the cutest!!

Just a silly story I thought I’d share :]

TL;DR ~ A family I know is traveling to Korea the same time as me. :D

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